Masterclass with Ike Lasater (attendance at venue)

Prijs particulier: 
500 euros
Prijs organisatie: 
500 euros

Do you want to improve your communication skills?

Join us in Antwerp or follow the class from your computer or mobile device.

Transformation guaranteed if you attend the one-day masterclass (in person or remotely) with Ike Lasater and do the requested 14 weeks of practice following the workshop.

What do you get:

  • A clear introduction on how to effectively use NVC in your workplace.
  • A copy of Ike’s newest book Collaborating in the Workplace: A Guide to Building Better Teams. For attendees only.
  • A great interactive experience in a buddy group, doing three of the ten maps presented in the book: 'Self-connection process', 'Listening and Being Listened To', 'Preparing for a Difficult Conversation'.
  • The opportunity to ask questions and roleplay your real-life situations.
  • Practical guidelines to improve and speed up your learning after the workshop.
  • An opportunity to expand your learning and social community.

Date and time: 8/6/2019 from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Venue:  RAS - Restaurant Aan de Stroom, Ernest Van Dijckkaai 37, 2000 Antwerp. Attendance at the venue is limited to 50 places. Early birds pay 430 euros (until 8/5/2019). Meal, coffee and drinks included.

Cancellation Policy (in Dutch).

Ike Lasater, JD, MCP, Author, Mediator, Trainer, helps organizations and individuals develop the capacity to more effectively clarify their objectives, and then to achieve them. He also acts as a private mediator, facilitating conversations and connection among people in conflict. A former civil trial attorney, Lasater founded a twenty-person law firm, litigating complex, multi-party commercial and environmental cases for twenty years in the state and federal courts of California. He has facilitated workshops based on NVC for 20 years in more than more than 20 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia, for such groups as the Dongfeng Nissan in China, BNI in South Korea and Decathlon in Italy. Lasater co-developed the Mediate Your Life training program, now offered in six countries.