Connecting Leadership

More quality and more efficiency with enthusiastic teams

Deploy the talent of your collaborators optimally. Stimulate them in creating the best quality and use the collective intelligence by making teams cooperate in an optimal way.

Connecting Communication is a brilliant tool to engage people in a common striving. It results in people being powerful while feeling the appeal to give the best of them-selves.

In the Connecting Leadership training we translate Connecting Communication to the practice of the manager, team leader or coach. We focus on organisational aspects as well as on the communication with teams and individuals. The central question is how you get people ready to contribute passionately to the mission of your organisation.

The training takes 4 days. Theoretical insights are practised and anchored in interactive exercises. To reinforce the effects we can offer additional days of practise or supervision. For individual participants a coaching is possible.

What can you expect?

The training is build around the following topics:
  • Communicating effectively and in a connecting way based on respect and emotional intelligence.
  • Elaborating a mission and vision that motivates people to contribute.
  • Formulating objectives in a way that collaborators have clarity about how they can contribute to it while using their talents and living their passion.
  • Giving clear feedback that stimulates people to function on top-level.
  • Deploying empathy to be in contact with what matters for others.
  • Solving conflicts in a sustainable way by combining clear honesty and empathic listening.
  • Connecting decision-making: making agreements with groups, elaborating concepts that create a sustainable added-value and stimulating the collective intelligence starting from some simple principles.
After the training we guarantee you:
  • More pleasure in leading and more job satisfaction for your collaborators.
  • More quality and efficiency in you organisation.
  • Gain of time in decision-making processes and decisions with a higher quality.
  • A return on investment within 6 months.
For whom?
  • Leaders for all levels
  • Future leaders
  • Coordinators
  • Professional coaches