Connecting Decision-making

Connecting Decision-making is a way to take decisions collectively that joins Connecting Communication and integrates the creativity and expertise of all people involved.

The starting point is that a broad acceptation is essential for a good decision. Not the majority of the pro-votes, but the weight of the objections and the corresponding argumentation directs the way to creative and worn decisions.
Proposals of team members and experts are evaluated. Proposals with the least resistance have the biggest acceptation and are the step to further discussions that result in worn decisions with the highest realizable quality.

What can you expect?

  • An introduction in Connecting Decision-making; 
  • Attention for important constraints;
  • A simple procedure to take a collective decision with a maximal acceptance;
  • Experiencing and exercising with a fast decision-making procedure:
  • To go through an extensive decision-making procedure on the basis of an example.

For whom?

For everybody who is convinced to involve a group or groups in decision-making processes and who is looking for an appropriate and effective method.