Team development

Good collaboration in teams is the consequence of a lot of factors: clarity about the objectives, clear roles and tasks, the presence of necessary means, an open and connecting communication, an appropriate way of leading people…

Human Matters has a lot of experience in stimulating good teamwork. We do this on an active and experience-based way. Concepts and work forms are applied in function of the needs of the group and the moment.

What can you expect?

  • More openness between team members and a bigger willingness to think and work together.
  • The development of efficient routines of deliberation and learning competencies tailored to the team.
  • Quick, powerful decision-making supported by the team.
  • Insights in group dynamic processes and applying them in the functioning of the team.
  • Integration of talents, competencies and specialisms so that the collective intelligence surpasses
  • Concrete improvements in the work context: agreements on clear and realistic actions result in a permanent bettering of the products and services.

For whom?

  • Teams that want to become more effective;
  • Teams that want to improve their learning capacities;
  • Teams that want to evolve to more self-management.