Mediation of conflicts

As a mediator we reduce a conflict to its essence: we name the underlying interest, needs and values. The communication slows down and feelings get a place and are worded and heard in a constructive manner. As soon as this happens, finding a solution is no so difficult any more. In mediation we use the principles of Connecting Communication (Non-Violent Communication of Marshall Rosenberg). We mediate in conflicts between individuals as well as conflicts between groups.

What can you expect?

  • Stuck conflicts become debatable again.
  • The persons/groups concerned are invited to utter their interest and needs.
  • The mediator accompanies trough different phases to a workable solution for all parties concerned.
  • The mediator slows down the communication process so that everything can be thoroughly discussed (and heard). This results in a gain of time and a optimal use of energy.
  • The chance for a sustainable solution is very high.

For whom? 

  • Professionals with a perseverant conflict or problem.
  • Agents of management and unions.