Facilitation of task-oriented meetings

Do you want to take up an issue with your team? Do you want a breakthrough and clear actions to be formulated? Is there no one in your organisation who wants to facilitate the meeting? Or do you just want to participate in the process instead of leading it?

Human Matters takes care of an efficient meeting in which the information in the group comes to the front and contributes to the objectives. Our facilitator ensures that the things that needs to be said are also heard and that their is connexion between people. In the first place we focus on the exchange of values, needs, interests before we stimulate the process of problem solving.

What can you expect?

  • An intake in which we clarify the objectives
  • A dynamic accompaniment that fits the style of the participants and the typical features of the subject.
  • Support in reaching the fixed objectives.
  • A report of the action points and conclusions of the meeting.

For whom?

  • Committees of directors
  • Management teams
  • Family councils in family companies
  • (National) union consultation
  • Teams of specialists
  • Supervision groups
  • Groups that want to clarify a theme