Our approach can fall back on years of experience in accompanying people and organisations based on humanistic-psychological principals. Concrete this means that direct the attention to the here –and-now and assume that people are able to make responsible choices. With a good mix of modern management tools and common sense, we work out concepts that pay off on the short and the long term.

Our starting-points

People have a natural tendency to deliver good work. Preventively creating good circumstances is often the most important measure empower collaborators.
We believe in the power of Appreciative Inquiry. From this conviction we look for ways to realise projects step by step.
If systems don’t function properly, this is often related to unbalances in the fulfilment of needs. In the first place we investigate how all actors can be recognised in what they need to get back tot heir natural flow. This investigation is often based on short interviews with key persons or an organisation scan. The insights coming out of these investigations make it possible to develop concepts that are effective.
We see each organisation as a dynamic system that is subject to natural laws. If the natural flow stocks, this has to do with certain energies that block. We use different frames this reality.

Our offer

  • Team development
  • Facilitating task-oriented meetings
  • Mediation
  • Coaching 

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