Our vision

People are central

Human Matters assumes that every healthy human being is able to take responsibility for his own wellbeing. The creative energy that is present in each person is at its biggest by taking care of the own needs with regard of the relation and of life itself. By teaching people how they can connect through communication we inspire them to take care of their own wellbeing without losing sight of others. Marshall Rosenberg putted that if 10% of the people communicate mindfully, there would be peace in the world. We want to contribute to this ability of people to communicate mindfully.

Inspiring organisations

Organisations are the places by excellence where personal needs are attuned to common interests. If people feel well here, they are empowered. And empowered, motivated people use their talents and are willing to learn. The care of an organisation for the wellbeing of their collaborators pays off this investment on the short and the long term. In organisations we strive to install a culture that pays attention to the needs and values of each collaborator.

In respect

Respect for each person in combination with respect for nature and culture are the essential values in our work. Our people translate these values in their approach. Human Matters engages also in social project where respect for human and nature are at the core.