Our approach

Consciousness as a key to learning

Learning can only take place if participants are aware of their experiences, their strengths and weaknesses and take responsibility in the organisation.

In our trainings we create a learning environment that allows participants to enlarge their consciousness and learn things from which they can profit in their reality. Trainers ensure the mirroring and stimulate participants to ask for feedback.

Stretching in a safe learning environment

To learn something new it is necessary to leave your own comfort zone and try out new behaviour. To facilitate this stretching we first pay attention to the creation of a safe learning environment in which people are invited to speak up and hear others with respect for the differences. Feeling the freedom to accept this invitation is fundamental in our approach.

Learning in (inter)action

Short blocks of theory interchange with interactive, experience-based exercises. In this way we pass the different stages of learning and participants are addressed in their favourite learning style. In our trainings participants pick up new insights and develop competencies that have effect in their work situation.

Supported by e-learning

To use the learning time in an optimal way there is the possibility to make use of an e-learning module prior to the training. In this way people get to know the more cognitive aspects of our concepts. After the training there is the possibility to practise more on certain topics.

Engaged partner in learning projects

To make sure the training joins the work context we value to develop the training project in consultation. The content of the training is tailor-made of the participants and the specific objectives of the organisation. In the elaboration of a project we focus each time on the added value of the client that has to be measurable on the short and the long term. We ensure after-care and advice during the implementation and tools to reinforce the learning effects and integrate the learning.